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Ticket codeádasd
Pick-up point:Bến xe Nước Ngầm
Drop-off point:Văn phòng Quán Toan
Number of seat(s):1
Seat code:15
Please complete your payment before 18:12 15/06/2019 otherwise your booking will be canceled.
Departure time


To check your booking status, please see the section Ticket Management

Pick up time and location is subject to change due to certain objective conditions. VeXeRe and the Bus operator staff will contact you as soon as possible to notify you if any changes above occur.

For Vip Limousines, please bring maximum of 1 carry-on bag and 1 checked baggage weighing 10kg or less.

To assist with road pick-up/drop-off, consignment/motorbike, VAT invoice issuance and other information related to the trip, please contact the Bus operator as the driver needs to focus on driving the car, please refrain from calling drivers if there is no emergency. In case you cannot contact the bus operator/driver, please contact VeXeRe's hotline during working hours.